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The First Choice in Safety and will Lower Operating Costs

The slack adjuster is the link between the brake chamber or actuator and the brake camshaft. There are two types in today's market, manual and automatic. Both have an adjusting mechanism, providing a means of adjusting for brake lining wear.

Automatic slack adjusters perform the same function as a standard unit, except that it automatically adjusts for lining wear. It does not require periodic manual adjustment, however, the unit does provide for manual adjustment if necessary.

Automatic Slack Adjusters are fast becoming the industry standard because they offer the most reliable and consistent operation. The result is consistent brake adjustment, and optimum brake performance, which increases profits through less downtime and lower operating costs.

There are many different manufactures of automatic slack adjusters on the market today from companies like Haldex, Crewson Brunner, Gunite and Rockwell/Meritor. It is very important to know which slack you have on as each operates different from one another. Always remember to keep the same brand on the same axle, do not mix.

Who ever you discuss automatic slack adjusters with you may end up with mixed review. You will have the people who love them and the people who hate them. The biggest problem with any of them comes down to something as simple as misinstallation. Having so many different styles, and each style operating a little different from one another it is very important that who ever is installing them must understand how each style works. Getting an automatic slack installed incorrectly can result in many different problems with the one most commonly heard of is that the adjuster is constantly over adjusting. If that is the case the adjuster must be treated as a new installation in order to correct the problem.

An important thing to keep in mind with dealing with the automatic slacks is that if the truck or trailer come equipped with automatic slacks from the O.E. it must always have them on. They cannot be down graded to manuals without getting all the red tape in order.

Installing automatic slacks will result in less down time due to brakes out of adjustment and minimize problems with DOT roadside inspections. Brake components have come a long way in recent years. With automatic slack adjusters designed for better, more dependable brakes. These components have and will accomplish the goal.