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Introducing the first major brake-through in friction technology since non-asbestos brake linings.

Cohesive Friction is a new approach to heavy duty braking. Rather than using "abrasive friction" as the basis for stopping (as current brake linings do), we chose "adhesive friction" as the foundation. Abrasive friction works by having abrasive particles "dig" into the drum. In contrast, Cohesive Friction creates a transfer layer of non-abrasive particles, which smear onto the face of the drum. To illustrate the difference, consider that abrasive friction stops much like a cleated track shoe, whereas Cohesive Friction is more like a rubber soled basketball shoe.

A New Shape

In order to function properly, Cohesive Friction linings must be softer and able to conform to the drum. This allows more of the non-abrasive transfer layer to come in contact with the drum. But we discovered another benefit of this highly conformable material . . . we can use more of it.

Conventional brake linings are tapered to prevent complete heel and toe contact (this results in grabbing, noise and overwork/pulling). Our new Cohesive Friction linings conform to the drum, including heel and toe areas without causing the aforementioned problems. Which allows us to add up to 10% more usable material to each lining. And best of all, Cohesive Friction delivers excellent stopping power, easily meeting all FMVSS #121 guidelines.

Double the Life of Your Linings

It has become almost cliché to claim a brake lining offers a longer life than any other lining on the market. Not this time. New Cohesive Friction brake linings deliver a lining life even we thought unrealistic. Cohesive Friction brake linings offer significant mileage benefits to the entire spectrum of heavy-duty truck applications.

Our claims are not based on attaining a certain number of miles for just the long haul mega fleets, and then calling it the longest lasting lining. That's been tried and you know it doesn't hold true for most applications. We're proud of the fact that we've developed a friction material technology that will deliver 100% improvement. Not to mention the related benefits of increased drum, tire and wheel end component life.

Double the Life of Your Drums

One of the inherent benefits of Cohesive Friction brake linings is their relationship with the brake drum. We described earlier how Cohesive Friction applies a transfer layer of non-abrasive particles to the drum. This method of achieving friction represents a new level of brake lining / drum compatibility. A brake drum operating with Cohesive Friction linings will at least double the life of your drums . . . not to mention your tires and wheel end components.

Cohesive Friction Benefits

  • Double the life of your brake linings through an even distribution of heat over a larger area of friction material.
  • Double the life of your drums with the elimination of abrasive particles.
  • Eliminate drum hot spotting and thermal cracking with a conformable friction material.
  • Reduce uneven tire wear and increase wheel end component life through the conformability of the lining compensating for out-of-round drums.
  • Reduce brake noise by eliminating abrasive particles.
  • Eliminate early morning brake sickness and unladen truck braking problems through he conformable/organic nature of the lining.
For more information on Cohesive Friction, contact any one of our qualified parts personnel at SIF Superior Industrial Frictions Ltd.

Cohesive Friction Costs More . . . and It's Worth Every Penny!

We've told you how good our new Cohesive Friction brake linings are. And we mean it. To prove it, we'll guarantee Cohesive Friction will double the life of your brake linings. To be specific, Cohesive Friction will give you a 100% increase in your mileage between relines or we'll provide free lining to replace the Cohesive Friction you've been running.

Average Brake Job cost for Tandem Axel Truck Brake Repair

Cost Using Carlisle Cohesive Friction CF2000

Bearings $118.08 $118.08
Seals $134.16 $134.16
Camshafts $106.56 $106.56
Bushing Kits $16.24 $16.24
Exchange Shoes $178.56 ($22.32 each) $239.20 ($29.90 each)
Shoe Hardware $34.60 $34.60
Drums $362.80 $362.80
Total Parts $951.00 $1011.64
Labour $35.00 X 3 hrs/wheel

$105.00 X 4 wheels = $420.00
$35.00 X 3 hrs/wheel

$105.00 X 4 wheels = $420.00
Total Cost of Brake Job $1371.00 $1431.64
CF2000 will double your life guaranteed. Isn't $60.64 worth the extra cost of using (CF2000) Carlisle Cohesive Friction Brake Lining.


Carlisle Cohesive Friction (CF2000) Total Brake Job

Average Brake Job Cost

Parts $1011.64 $951.00
Labour $420.00 $420.00
Total $1431.64 $1371.00

Total Difference: $1431.64 - $1371.00 = $60.64 - per 4 wheel brake repair.

When you double your brake lining life using CF2000 your savings will be approximately $1300.00 (the cost of one brake job).