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Bleeding Air From System
The steering gear by design is self bleeding, however, in some installations where the gear is positioned at an odd angle or where the piston does not make a full stroke in the cylinder bore air can be trapped in the steering gear. To avoid this possibility the air should be bled from the system anytime the oil has been changed or the steering system is repaired.

Purging Air-Single Steering Box
Set the parking brake, chock the wheels, start engine and allow to idle. Turn the steering wheel from left to right, making at least 3 complete cycles to remove all the air from the system.

If the steering box is equipped with a manual bleed screw, loosen the screw while the gear is in its center position, allowing air and aerated fluid to bleed out around the bleed screw until clear fluid emerges. Close the bleed screw, repeat procedure until all air is purged from the system (DO NOT TURN BLEED SCREW WHILE TURNING STEERING WHEEL)

"Binding" initial Hard Effort or abnormal noises may indicate that air is still present in the steering system; repeat above.

Purging Air-Dual Steering Box System
With the steering gears installed, the pitman arms may be installed if there is no clearance problem with the pitman arm striking any object when full travel is used. Install the arm checking to see that the timing mark on sector shaft and pitman arm is aligned, torque to vehicle manufacturers recommendations.

Fill the pump reservoir, set the parking brake, start the engine and allow to run at fast idle speed.With the engine running and the drag links disconnected, turn the steering wheel to the left and hold until the secondary or slave gear pitman arm moves to its full travel. Repeat process three or four times. Keep checking the reservoir and add fluid as required.

Connect the drag link to the master gear but do not connect the drag link to the secondary gear at this time. Turn the steering wheel to the left and hold until the secondary gear pitman arm moves the full travel. Turn to the right and hold until the secondary gear again moves to its full travel. Repeat three or four times. Turn the steering wheel until the secondary gear pitman arm lines up with the drag link. Install the pitman air to drag link.

Do not move the pitman arm by hand or air will be drawn into the system.

NOTE: The above are general guidelines only. It is recommended that these procedures be carried out in accordance with directions in the vehicle service manual

Recommended Fluid
Mixing oil types is not advised; seal deterioration and leaks may result

  • ATF Type "E" or "F"
  • Dexron/Mercon II
  • Ford Spec M2C138CJ
  • SAE 10W40 Motor Oil
  • 10w40 Motor Oil
  • ATF Series 5 & 6
We highly recommend that oil and filter be replaced and hoses and fittings be inspected upon installation of a CanPro steering box, pump or cylinder.

Fasteners and pitman arms must be torqued to vehicle manufacturers recommendations upon installation.